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yencode is an encoder, decoder, and posting package for the popular Usenet yEnc encoding format. It features the ability to encode single or multipart archives, a smart decoder which can decode multiple files (including files specified out of order or with nonsense filenames), an optional scan mode with recursion, and an easy to use Usenet posting utility. It is fully compliant with the yEnc specifications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Mar 2002 23:45

    Release Notes: "ypost" was incorrectly omitting the "part" field from the "=yend" trailer line.

    •  21 Mar 2002 05:14

      Release Notes: This release includes a bugfix for SFV file creation with ypost, and many new features for ypost, including a new resume command for interrupted posting sessions.

      •  13 Mar 2002 22:02

        Release Notes: There is a new program "ypost" to easily post files to Usenet, including multipart binary files. This release includes optional SFV/CRC file creation and posting.

        •  08 Mar 2002 06:54

          Release Notes: This release includes compliance with the recent yEnc v3 specification, a new CRC file creation option, and a new strict syntax verification option.

          •  01 Mar 2002 22:50

            Release Notes: Faster encoding, SFV file creation support.

            Recent comments

            21 Mar 2002 12:13 jimfaulkner

            Re: Non-standard junk

            Pan supports yencoding now, so at least us unix users don't have to worry about posts that are yencoded.

            But yeah, I wouldn't post anything with this... Only a fraction of Usenet users who have the right program would be able to download the post.

            Yencoding does seem to be getting more popular, however, and can't be ignored.

            13 Mar 2002 19:26 kg4czo

            Re: Non-standard junk

            > Your personal opinions about yEnc
            > posts on Usenet are not relevant to
            > whether or not my program is junk.

            My opinion is mostly with the yEnc scheme itself. Your program may not be junk, but the scheme is. It's non-standard and many others have also expressed a dissatisfaction with these posts, so I'm not the only one with this opinion.

            13 Mar 2002 18:55 bboy1001

            Re: Non-standard junk
            Ray, I wrote this program because there was no satisfactory (to my tastes) encoder/decoder available for Unix, and I wanted to be able to decode these yEnc posts without installing Windows.

            I had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the yEnc "standard" nor have I ever posted a single message to Usenet using yEnc encoding outside of alt.binaries.test.yenc.

            Your personal opinions about yEnc posts on Usenet are not relevant to whether or not my program is junk.

            08 Mar 2002 02:13 kg4czo

            Non-standard junk
            There seems to be a push (or rather, just pushy people) on Usenet posting only yEnc stuff. If you want to send a yEnc'd file to a friend, then do so. It really sucks for the majority of us who don't want to go back to using an extra util to decode (reminds me to much of UUE in the old days). If you wanna piss people off, use it. If not, don't bother with this.



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