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YAML For Ruby

For Ruby developers, YAML is a natural fit for object serialization and general data storage, as their semantics are similiar. YAML4R is a fully-featured YAML parser and emitter for Ruby. Use it as a drop-in replacement for PStore, or use one of its several APIs to store object data in the friendly and readable YAML style.


Recent releases

  •  09 Jan 2003 01:37

    Release Notes: The tokenizer has been rewritten, line numbers now reported on errors, the map-seq shortcut is implemented (along with new collection types !omap, !pairs, and !set), and directives are now in %KEY:VALUE format.

    •  11 Oct 2002 09:28

      Release Notes: In this release, Racc is no longer required for installation, there is a new RPC protocol for YAML (!okay/rpc) included, and there is a new syndication format (!okay/news).

      •  29 Aug 2002 18:15

        Release Notes: The Emitter class now handles references to objects (including circular) and also binary data. There are new methods to assist in writing to_yaml methods. There are fixes to headless documents, private types, and empty classes extended from arrays and hashes.

        •  16 Aug 2002 08:10

          Release Notes: Unicode support, a thread-safe Emitter class, improved text block emission, and a new cookbook generated from the YAML Testing Suite.

          •  29 Jul 2002 17:30

            Release Notes: This release is nearing perfection with compliance for parsing whitespace, indentation, and newlines in various block styles. It adds improved emitting of Hash, Array, Time, and String types, more tests, and closer compliance.


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