Version 1.0beta of Yet Another MetaData Injector for FLV

Other releases

  •  09 Dec 2012 21:35

Release Notes: An error in properly detecting the width and height of VP6 videos has been fixed. Another bug that prevented piping ffmpeg output into yamdi without having an incorrect duration in the metadata is also fixed.

Release Notes: The input file can now be replaced with the resulting output file with the -w option. This mimics the inplace modification of the input file. If the input file contains only audio data, then the option -a [interval] adds fake keyframes to the metadata.

  •  27 Dec 2010 11:45

Release Notes: An off-by-one bug while indexing an FLV file that lead to occasional crashes has been fixed.

Release Notes: Large files (bigger than 2GB) are now supported. Another bug in parsing the width and height of VP6 videos has been fixed. New command line options are -k to add the onLastKeyframe event, -M to strip all metadata, and -X to omit the keyframes tag in the XML output. The -l option has been renamed to -s.

Release Notes: AVC/H.264 video inside the FLV is now supported, and it is possible to take the input file from stdin. Two fixes has been applied: a segfault on empty input files, and the height of VP62 videos sometimes being zero.


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