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Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole. It features smoothly rolling down from the top of your screen, a tabbed interface, configurable dimensions and animation speed, a skinnable GUI, and a sophisticated D-Bus interface.

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Recent releases

  •  19 Oct 2012 09:23

    Release Notes: Silence and activity monitoring for terminals. A UI for easily downloading new skins. Window behavior fixes, and improved placement in multi-monitoring setups with complex panel arrangements. Synchronizes default shortcuts with Konsole. Expands the D-Bus API. Various fixes.

    •  28 Jan 2011 02:13

      Release Notes: Support was added for OpenGL-accelerated window animation when run inside a KDE Plasma Workspace v4.6 or newer. Keyboard shortcuts were added to grow terminals in any direction. Several bugs were fixed. KDE Platform v4.3 is now the minimum required version.

      •  17 Jul 2010 07:10

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release containing fixes and behavioral improvements, in particular to the tab bar, multi-screen support, and skin handling. The startup notification now uses Plasma on KDE 4.4 and higher, and locked sessions display an appropriate icon on their tabs.

        •  19 May 2009 04:29

          Release Notes: This release fixed an issue with interactive rename of sessions not working reliably - either failing to implement a rename or renaming the wrong session - once tabs had been moved or sessions closed, due to a mixup of tab indices and session IDs in the rename code. The default skin's graphics were updated to feature the current rather than the old application icon.

          •  10 May 2009 23:24

            Release Notes: New options to prevent the accidental closing of sessions and to disable keyboard input for sessions. The ability to reorder tabs by drag and drop. A new way to indicate which terminal in a multi-terminal session has gained focus when moving focus between terminals. An option to automatically open the window after program start. The D-Bus interface has again been expanded to allow for more and easier scripting. Various bugfixes and improvements.

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            03 Aug 2010 10:34 assem_ch

            easy to call, i prefer it


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