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YAKS - Yet Another Khepera Simulator

YAKS - Yet Another Khepera Simulator, is a Khepera simulator that uses prerecorded sensor values from a real robot in order to provide simulation speeds of 3600 times reality. It has support for the infrared sensors, light sensors, K213 vision turret, gripper arm, and more. The simulator comes with a GTK interface, a genetic algorithm (GA), and an artificial neural net (ANN).

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  •  20 Jan 2005 10:13

Release Notes: OpenGL support was enhanced, both in Windows and Unix. Support for balls (with nice texture effects in 3D) were added. Support for K213 vision turret was added. Elementary physics such as friction were implemented for ball and robot. Some new network architectures are supported (see examples in buildn.c). Backpropagation was implemented for ANN using sigmoid functions, but it doesn't yet handle BP trough time, read recurrent networks. OpenGL is supported without limitations of worldsizes. A Win32 package was included by default.


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