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Yet Another Free RAYtracer

yafray is yet another free raytracer, still in development. Some features like caustics, filters, depth of field, etc. are implemented.


Recent releases

  •  08 Jul 2005 08:52

    Release Notes: The key features of this version are BRDF and anisotropic materials support, light dispersion, OpenEXR format support, more camera projection modes, ambient occlusion, and the restoration of multi-CPU rendering. The most important new things are the BRDF stuff, all the shading work, and the corresponding Blender material compatibility. Speed optimizations and bugfixes were also made.

    •  05 Aug 2004 09:02

      Release Notes: Big global illumination improvements and speedups were made. A new rendering strategy uses buckets for better cache performance and less memory consumption. The photon map now uses much less memory. Yafray now works as a Blender plugin with instant render feedback. There were also many bugfixes.

      •  03 Feb 2004 20:00

        Release Notes: Important GI improvements and bugfixes. A new blender shader which gives support to the brand new blender->yafray support. New spherelight, region render, and other minor features. scons has been added as the new build system.

        •  11 Nov 2003 04:04

          Release Notes: Almost all the functionality is now split into plugins. New global photon light and an improved GI scheme (faster) were added. Blender mapping extensions were made to fit the famous modeler. Real depth of field, vertex colors, and some new shading blocks were added. The plugin interface was also extended for a better future integration with blender and other modelers.

          •  19 May 2003 13:40

            Release Notes: This release includes all the features of the previous CVS snapshots, and also features more shading blocks (making blurry reflection possible), a volumetric spot light, bug fixes, and an experimental plugin interface. The Mac OS X version now works fine.


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