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yaced (Yet Another Carbon Emacs Distribution) provides Apple Installer packages of Carbon Emacs and AUCTeX.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 May 2005 23:25

    Release Notes: New packaging using the MacOS X 10.4 PackageMaker. Documentation cleanup. New CVS versions of everything. GNU intlfonts and LaTeX MDimporter are included.

    •  29 Apr 2005 06:16

      Release Notes: This release adds MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility.

      •  18 Apr 2005 23:49

        Release Notes: This version uses the Apple Installer method again; the drag-and-drop was far too large. There are now two installers (one for the bundle with the base files pre-installed) and a drag-and-drop for the GNU intlfonts. This release contains current CVS versions of Carbon Emacs (optimised for G4, patched for transparency, and including the base files), the GNU intlfonts, AUCTeX with preview-latex, and some documentation changes. HTML help for AUCTeX has been removed (use M-x info). Individual package installers are now available for partial releases.

        •  17 Apr 2005 00:34

          Release Notes: This release installs the current CVS versions of Carbon Emacs (optimised for G4 and patched for transparency), the GNU intlfonts, AUCTeX, and preview-latex. Carbon Emacs is version 22.0.50 (CVS 2005-04-16), the Base Files are 1.3.1, GNU intlfonts is 1.2.1, AUCTeX is 11.55 (CVS 2005-04-16), and preview-latex is 0.9.1 (CVS 2005-04-16). Mac-key-mode was updated to v20050410. An icon for associated HTML files was added. The creator code, was changed for tracking. The documentation was edited.

          •  16 Apr 2005 09:38

            Release Notes: Updated to the current CVS versions of Carbon Emacs, GNU intlfonts, AUCTeX, and preview-latex, changed the software delivery method to drag-and-drop, reduced the font sets, and redesigned associated file icons.


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