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  •  07 Dec 2003 12:47

Release Notes: Compatibility changes for old versions of Perl have been applied.

  •  26 Aug 2003 06:26

Release Notes: A workaround for a bug in Perl 5.8 has been applied.

Release Notes: The ability to select more than one aggregation at once has been added. Also, a few minor bugs and problems have been fixed.

Release Notes: A bug that would let the program die upon misconfiguration has been fixed. Empty lines in the "Classic" output will now be skipped by default.

Release Notes: The recognition of browsers has been improved: Chimera is now known as Camino, MultiZilla and Safari have been added. A meta tag to prevent robots from indexing reports has been added to the generated output.

Release Notes: The internal data storage has been rewritten from scratch and is far more flexible now. The input is now selected using an SQL-like syntax which is quite powerful. A new output format has been added which provides more compact tables. The configuration subsystem has been rewritten to accept all configuration options from the command line as well as config files. Parsers for postfix and the xferlog have been added and the recognition of operating systems and browsers has been improved.

Release Notes: Support for BIND 9 log files has been added.

  •  07 Feb 2002 14:13

Release Notes: An exploitable bug has been fixed. By faking the referer, you were able to get HTML/JavaScript code into the generated files which eventually was executed.

Release Notes: Yaala now supports two new logfile types: netacct and wnserver logs. The generated HTML pages now use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which results in overall smaller files. There are also some internal code changes that makes it easier to write support for more logfiles.

Release Notes: Some code cleanups, support for Squid's access logfiles, changing the image file format from GIF to PNG, and when analyzing webserver logfiles you may choose to exclude CodeRed and Nimda attacks from the regular statistics.


Project Spotlight


A portable archive file manager.


Project Spotlight


A lightweight caching Web proxy.