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Yet Another Advanced Log Analyzer

"yaala" parses logfiles and generates very detailed statistics in HTML format. The information one will get can be selected by using SQL-like expressions, which provide filtering with relational operators (like equal, greater than, less than) as well as regular expressions. It includes input parsers for the Common Log Format (e.g. Apache's access logs), NCSA logs (e.g. Apache's combined logs), Squid access logs, the xferlog format (used by FTP daemons), bind9's query logs, and postfix entries in the maillog.


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  •  07 Dec 2003 12:47

Release Notes: Compatibility changes for old versions of Perl have been applied.

  •  25 Sep 2003 14:18

Release Notes: A bug in the persistency code has been fixed: when the persistency file had to be created, it didn't include a checksum, causing it to be overwritten in the second run.

  •  26 Aug 2003 06:26

Release Notes: A workaround for a bug in Perl 5.8 has been applied.

Release Notes: The ability to dump the internal data to a file and reuse it in a later run has been added. Also, small bugfixes have been applied.

Release Notes: The ability to select more than one aggregation at once has been added. Also, a few minor bugs and problems have been fixed.

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07 Feb 2002 20:14 timecop

this is great
I gave this a shot with our squid log files, and the generated detail is great! Only problem, it takes about 4-5 minutes to process one squid logfile with all analysis options turned on (24 hour period).


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