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16 Jun 2002 10:48 rus

Re: How about some file saving support?
xzgv is a viewer, not an editor. You might want to try using Gimp, netpbm, or ImageMagick for image editing. Or if your images are generated by the camera as JPEGs, you might want to try jpegtran which can do a few simple things losslessly.

15 Jun 2002 11:57 rwa2rwa2

How about some file saving support?
This app is awesome! If anyone remembers the good old CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA image viewers from the DOS era, zgv has all of the speed, ease of use, simplicity, and keyboard support from that bygone era, and xzgv brings it to X! It's much nicer than xv, and I can get my digital camera pictures rotated, cropped, and scaled much faster than in anything else. Unfortunately, after all that, I can't get it saved!


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