Version 0.8 of xylib

Release Notes: A few bugs in reading the pdCIF format have been fixed.

    Other releases

    •  25 Jan 2014 06:36

      Release Notes: A few bugs have been fixed, mostly in reading the VAMAS file format.

      •  02 Aug 2013 21:26

        Release Notes: SpecsLab2 format (extension xy) has been added.

        •  05 Nov 2012 23:33

        Release Notes: A new file format called Spectra has been added. This format is used in old XPS software written by Ron Unwin. A bug in reading energy calibration from Canberra formats has been fixed.

        •  26 Jul 2012 05:01

          Release Notes: A bug related to reading CSV files has been fixed.

          •  20 May 2012 23:49

            Release Notes: This release supports Canberra CNF files from Genie-2000 and correctly handles quoted fields in CSV files.


            Project Spotlight


            A portable, cross-platform program for brief system information.


            Project Spotlight


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