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xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It strives to be vi-like and is suited for heavy keyboard users.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jul 2013 18:04

    Release Notes: This release performs bounds checking for ints and uses correct types for float configuration inputs, removes all float equality comparisons, verifies that a DOM node is a valid HTML document in focus code (webkitgtk 2.0.0+ only), fixes the order of fetching remote certificates to prevent an incorrect warning, adds a signal handler to deny all HTML5 geolocation requests, fixes shlib hooking on Windows to allow persistent cookies, syncs hsts-preload with Chromium, fixes a memory leak when adding to the force_https whitelist, mentions the plwl about page in the manpage, and removes unused directories from Makefiles.

    •  26 Jun 2013 19:28

      Release Notes: Link hinting is now case insensitive. :favadd [title] can now be used to set a custom title for favorites. Tabs are now closed after the X is pressed and released, not just when pressed. Several memory issues found by clang's static analyzer were fixed. hsts-preload is now synced with Chromium. The man page was cleaned up and is now more consistent. Building on NetBSD was fixed.

      •  12 Jun 2013 16:30

        Release Notes: A new js_auto_open_windows config option was added to control whether JavaScript is able to open new tabs. A cert can now be saved directly from the :cert show page. Support for libsoup's new proxy resolver was added. HTTPS cert fetching was fixed to not send an additional GET request with arguments. Many memory leaks and various other memory issues were fixed. The IPv6 unicast address was added to the list of addresses excluded from the proxy. Mentions of xombrero were removed from example Google search strings. Preloaded HSTS are now synced with Chromium. Windows and UNIX are both supported in this release.

        •  16 May 2013 18:45

          Release Notes: A privacy leak caused by use of a separate gnutls TLS connection to grab remote HTTPS certificates which ignored http_proxy was fixed. Threading was disabled/removed since the gnutls sideband thread is no longer necessary. A command for incrementing and decrementing page numbers in URLs was added. An enable_cache setting was added (disabled by default). Some memory leaks were fixed along with some warnings and bugs caused by GTK+ 3.8. Initial OS X build support was added. There were various Makefile fixes for all platforms, and a typo in the man page was corrected.

          •  28 Nov 2012 21:24

            Release Notes: This release added regex support to whitelists, implemented header changes, actually tracks the header files, made all new tabs open in new windows in tabless mode, uses DDG's default site (js) in the example config, syncs preloaded HSTS with Chromium, installs xombrero.desktop, initializes the cookie whitelist, kills whitespace in aliases, added a button to the toolbar for toggling the proxy, and fixed icon appearance when http_proxy is set.

            Recent comments

            27 Apr 2012 20:33 sumpfralle

            wow - I am impressed!
            I just had one hour of pure fun while going through the manpage and adjusting the settings to my taste.
            This is really the kind of browser that I always wanted to use. Thanks a lot for your magnificent work!

            18 Jul 2011 17:27 slashmarco

            There is a pretty expansive man page in the tarball and online at:

            Various Linux distros handle the installation for you. You might want to try to give those a go. If you want to use the source then the procedure is: cd linux && make && make install

            16 Jul 2011 05:54 idknow

            excuse me, I'm no dummy but where the hell is the documentation and install docs; even a lowly README file with documentation would be helpful, especially since using pmake on a linux system is definately non-standard!!!


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