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The XView Toolkit

XView (X Window-System-based Visual/Integrated Environment for Workstations) is a user-interface toolkit to support interactive, graphics-based applications running under the X Window System. XView provides a set of pre-built, user-interface objects such as canvases, scrollbars, menus, and control panels. The appearance and functionality of these objects follow the OPEN LOOK Graphical User Interface (GUI) specification. XView features an object-oriented style Application Programmer's Interface (API) that is straightforward and easy to learn.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2010 15:52

    Release Notes: This release moves diffs from 3.2p1.4-24 to 3.2p1.4-25 to xview_glibc28_regexp.patch. It attempts to improve scroll mouse support.

    •  17 Jun 2010 15:52

      Release Notes: This release rebuilds the olvwm4 tarball, fixing a corrupted archive. It modifies openwin-menus and adds some OWacomp entries. It appends to MANPATH, if present in the user's env.

      •  17 Jun 2010 15:51

        Release Notes: This release has a patch for _WM_TRANSIENT. It adds an .el5 dependency for xorg-x11-fonts-misc (olcursor font).

        •  20 Apr 2010 21:03

          Release Notes: This version contains the initial attempt at scroll wheel support for libxview. The Canvas, scrollbar, and txtsw packages now support that feature.

          •  17 Mar 2010 09:50

            Release Notes: This release provides an urgent bugfix: a fix introduced in 24.10 broke the ttysw package. That one-liner fix has been reverted in 24.11, but the WM_TRANSIENT fix is retained.

            Recent comments

            08 Jun 2011 19:28 zoocad

            I have added a project called Cobra Command Tool. It is a terminal emulator and uses the XView toolkit. I don't have support for a scroll mouse today. Can I get scroll mouse support by using the latest XView libraries?



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