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In XTux, you can play as Tux the Linux penguin, the BSD daemon, or some other open source characters (GNU, Vi, KDE dragon, etc.) and either fight each other over the network or join forces to take on Microsoft, killing MS Henchmen, Bill the Borg, Clippy the Office assistant paperclip, and others. It features 3D-rendered graphics, a wide variety of maps (including a Linux desktop, SLASHDOT!, the street, an office) and a cheesy plot.


Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2003 19:21

    Release Notes: A fix for a Denial of service attack on the server, new mouse control (now you can use FPS-like controls), and a new Chainsaw weapon & Bill Gates baddie to cut up with said weapon. The server no longer requires you to start it as a separate process. Bugfixes, other feature additions, and a little polish were also done.

    •  23 Jun 2001 07:33

      Release Notes: Network code improvements, and support for GGZ Gaming Zone, which allows you to find others to deathmatch, or play co-op with online.

      •  24 Mar 2001 11:35

        Release Notes: New item, patent powerdown (can't use any weapons). Events can trigger other events and have become much more powerful. There are now doors, switches and other things. Bugs that occured when map size < screensize have been fixed. Some tiles to decrease their size have bene reindexed. A bio for entities that didn't already have one has been added. Entities are sorted on the client so they are drawn in the correct order. New sewer level and fun park introduction level have been added, and there are some optimisations.

        •  06 Jan 2001 17:29

          Release Notes: A fix for a PATH_MAX undefined compiling problem, and fixes to the "classic" (i.e., Gauntlet/arcade style) controls so they are actually usable.

          •  30 Dec 2000 18:09

            Release Notes: A new "goto" arrow (like in Grand Theft Auto) which can be set from a map eventa and can be used to help the player in the right direction, new AI blockers which can be used to keep AI in chosen areas, a new "E" (Enlightenment) powerup, and a new map "Street Spirit".


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