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The overall objective of the XtreemOS project is the design, implementation, evaluation, and distribution of a grid operating system (called XtreemOS) with native support for virtual organizations (VO). XtreemOS is capable of running on a wide range of underlying platforms, from clusters to mobiles. It is based on Mandriva Linux, with support to come for other distributions later.

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Release Notes: Fixes were made for the installation ISO. Minor fixes were made for home volume mounting. New 64-bit virtual machines are available. The user guide was updated.

  •  22 Mar 2010 16:23

Release Notes: The installer was improved with a new xosautoconfig tool to greatly simply and automate installation of XtreemOS instances. XtreemFS is at version 1.2, which has a number of new features, along with enhanced performance and stability. XtreemOS MD (Mobile Device) is a new version that integrates XtreemOS on Internet Tablets. Virtual Nodes is a framework to provide fault tolerance for grid applications. XOSSAGA lets you run SAGA compliant applications on top of XtreemOS unmodified.


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