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Xtradius is a radius server that permits you to handle user authentication and accounting request via external scripts. You can handle script requests for user accounting, user authentication, NAS start and NAS stop packets. You can also write additional information into the NAS detail logfile. Parameters to scripts are passed via command line options or environment variables, making it very simple to implement SQL-based user accounting, authentication and account expiration. It is also compatible with "standard" cistron radius server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2001 17:01

    Release Notes: The underlying code base was upgraded to Cistron-1.6.4. Support for Cisco VoIP was added (now xtradius can handle Cisco VoIP packets as all the others). The buffer size for exec strings was changed (the previous version cut out long parameters). Attributes codes in raddb/dictionary.xtradius were changed. A new LDAP auth script was added, as well as a simple debugging script which logs script data to /tmp/xtr.debug.

    •  31 Jul 2000 15:10

      Release Notes: Fixes for radius_env's call to strdup in exec.c and a compile-time warning when NOSHADOW is defined, and a new contrib/ directory with the following plug-ins: authldap, authmysql, and pg_xtradius.

      •  15 Jun 2000 13:35

        Release Notes: This release fixes some weird bugs found in 1.0beta and upgraded xtradius to cistron 1.6.3, both through the inclusion of a number of patches.

        •  18 Jan 2000 02:29

          Release Notes: Attributes are now also passed to the scripts via environment varibles. The code was upgraded to Cistron Radius 1.6.1. The maximum size of the authentication length string was changed to 254 characters. Some fixes were made for FreeBSD compatibility. Dictionary values have been moved to dictionary.xtradius.

          •  21 Aug 1999 17:55

            Release Notes: Updated to Cistron Radius, Usernames now can contain spaces, the xtradius dictionary keys have been changed, added execparams config file which let you to specify param char and pairs (now any user data can be passed to scripts), added script execution while writing detail file. There is now a sample perl plugin to handle users using DBI and postgresql DB available on the website.


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