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06 Dec 2000 13:23 jarrodj

Yes, 0.9.0 is out
Got interrupted in the middle of posting it, but it is now out there to poke and prod at, beware the GL stuff, and no bug reports about GL stuff without a patch until 0.9.1 please..

06 Dec 2000 11:57 captnemo

v .9
The web page talks about v.9 as if it is allready out, but I can't find it anywhere.

21 Mar 2000 13:34 jarrodj

Good news, latest versions seem to do OK cross-platform, I am particularly interested in bug-reports/fixes in this area.

26 Jan 2000 02:06 jarrodj

I would not mind at all to keep it cross platform, but I don't have solaris to test it on, as people make changes, you can email me diffs and I'll apply them for cross platform stuff.

25 Jan 2000 13:24 shaman

Compiles under Solaris as of Jan 25 vers.
However, main.h needs to be edited and needs to be changed to

Why make it Linux specific when it's for SDL, which is not?


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