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Release Notes: This release adds support for VT420/VT520 left/right margins and related origin-mode. There are several other new features, as well as the usual portability fixes.

Release Notes: This release added options for sending function keys that match a user-specified terminal description (including ncurses extended keys), and for retaining primary selection even when the selection highlighting is lost. There were several other new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

Release Notes: Many improvements and extensions for keyboard configuration. Fixes for layout computation and setgid operation.

Release Notes: Improved numeric keypad bindings, a fix for a tgetent call to let termcap determine backspace value, "Over the Spot" XIM support, improved select/paste for UTF-8, fixes for utmp handling, FreeType library support, and more.


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Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript

A generator of all major barcode formats entirely within Postscript.


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A file manager and playlist with movie thumbnails.