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xtctl is a script for setting/changing xterm properties. It can change the foreground, background, cursor, and mouse colours of an XTerm window, and the icon and background image (only known to work with Eterm). xtctl can also modify the window's title, icon name, highlight background, font, size, position, z-order (raise and lower), and iconified/restored status. There are experimental options for full and soft reset.


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  •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

    Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

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    09 May 2002 13:42 slumos

    Re: xtermcontrol

    Xterm controller wars! :-)

    It just occurred to me that others might be interested to know that I got all of the control sequences used by xtctl from in the Xterm sources.

    See the "get" functions in xtctl for an example of something that really makes more sense to implement in C (but I could hardly admit that at the time, could I).

    09 May 2002 06:32 Thrysoee

    See also xtermcontrol,
    which is written in C and installed via autoconf [ref: Stevens
    comment :-)].


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