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XSLT-process is a minor mode for (X)Emacs that allows you to run a Java XSLT processor on a buffer and display the result in another buffer, or in a browser. You can also run the XSLT processor in debugging mode, setup breakpoints, run step by step, view local and global XSLT variables, and many more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jan 2003 05:11

    Release Notes: This release now uses Saxon 6.5.2, Xalan 2.4.1, and FOP 0.20.4. Debugging using Xalan 2.4.1 is now fully supported, and both JDK 1.3 and 1.4 are supported. During debugging sessions the output produced by executing the stylesheet is serialized immediately, then displayed and incrementally updated in an Emacs buffer. Parameters can now be passed to the XSLT processor. MacOS X is now a supported platform, in addition to Linux and Windows 2000.

    •  20 Aug 2001 07:49

      Release Notes: Added the ability to process the result of an XSLT transformation through the Apache FOP processor. Initial integration with the DocBook-XSL project, HTML and PDF generation and viewing from within Emacs of DocBook documents is supported.

      •  20 Jun 2001 10:11

        Release Notes: Added debugging capabilities for XSLT stylesheets - you can now set breakpoints, run step by step, view local and global variables. Error messages from the XSLT are now integrated with Emacs. A new stylesheet registry allows registering of stylesheets to be used for XSLT processing.

        •  07 Apr 2001 09:05

          Release Notes: Fixed problems processing XML files on Windows platforms.

          •  15 Feb 2001 10:53

            Release Notes: This release includes support for TrAX conformant XSLT processors which provides compiled stylesheets for better speed, improved documentation, and support for GNU Emacs on Windows NT/2000.


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