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XSet is a performance oriented main memory XML database and query engine. XSet is meant to be a low level application component that enables applications to have high speed access to stored metadata in the form of XML documents. In order to achieve the highest possible performance, XSet does not support the notion of transactions. Compared to its industry and research counterparts, XSet is miniscule. It uses a simple subset query model which is surprisingly complete for its current set of target applications. Examples of XSet applications include metadata file systems, searchable email clients, user preference registries, service discovery services, and online customized content portals. Performance evaluations have shown XSet to scale logarithmically to dataset size, and can handle hundreds of request per second on off the shelf desktop machines.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Jun 2000 06:41

    Release Notes: XSet now includes total durability guarantees, redo logs, and fuzzy checkpointing support. All data is persistent across failures, and users have full control over checkpointing intervals, in-memory log buffer size, and explicit document paging mechanisms. XSet 2.0 also moves to the Xerces XML parser from Apache.

    •  28 Jul 1999 06:46

      Release Notes: Version 1.1 has a much expanded API, in addition to using the XML4J XML parser for internal parsing.


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      Project Spotlight

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