Version 0.45 of XSensors

Release Notes: This release fixes a typo in configure. It adds support for w83697hf, lm90, adm1032, mc1066, max1617a, and w83791d. It replaces the deprecated gtk_timeout_add() with g_timeout_add().

Other releases

  •  05 Feb 2010 00:18

    Release Notes: The lib3 patch has been applied. This should now have much cleaner support for all lm_sensors supported chips. expose_event_callback() has been simplified. automake/autoconf has been updated. There is a negative reading patch.

    •  09 Oct 2007 13:41

    Release Notes: A potential segfault has been fixed. Support for the Fintek F71805F/FG and SMSC LPC47M192 has been added. Some sanity checking on sensors has been added. Support has been added for k8temp. Support for w83627ehf has been added.

    •  03 Feb 2006 10:24

    Release Notes: This release adds support for DDR2 SDRAM EEPROM. It fixes a bug where 1 GB memory modules would show as "1 24 MB". A core dump on exit when only unsupported devices were found has been fixed.

    •  16 Jun 2005 19:47

    Release Notes: This release adds support for the smsc47b397 and it8712 chips.

    •  05 Apr 2004 02:54

    Release Notes: Support for the as99127f was added, and some build issues were cleaned up.


    Project Spotlight


    A Perl/Tk application to manage a ToDo list.


    Project Spotlight


    Downloading and extraction of data from webpages.