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  •  11 Aug 2008 10:39

Release Notes: More Xinerama/RANDR fixes were made. Updates were made to skytentacles, flipflop, stairs, polyhedra, blitspin, and stonerview. The layout of the preferences dialogs was improved. A "Reset to Defaults" button was added on X11. Relevant Wikipedia links were added to many of the screen saver descriptions.

  •  17 Jul 2007 03:33

Release Notes: New cwaves, glcells, m6502, and voronoi hacks were added. Updates were made to bsod and webcollage. A possible crash with PAM USB dongle authentication was fixed.

  •  21 Apr 2007 03:10

Release Notes: PAM fingerprint readers are now supported. Webcollage has been ported to Mac OS X. Multi-threaded OpenGL is now enabled on Mac OS X. Updates were made to mirrorblob, lisa, bsod, ifs, hypertorus, polytopes, circuit, endgame, crackberg, flipflop, flipscreen3d, fliptext, and carousel. Various other minor fixes were made.

  •  22 Oct 2005 01:29

Release Notes: New glhanoi, cube21, timetunnel, juggler3d, and celtic hacks were added. Updates were made to tangram, webcollage, hypertorus, polytopes, ripples, sonar, and apple2. Various minor fixes were made for OS X and 64-bit machines.

  •  21 Mar 2005 00:11

Release Notes: A new fliptext hack was included. Updates were made to gltext, molecule, carousel, pacman, webcollage, ifs, and starwars. Mouse hysteresis was added and the default installation directories were changed.

  •  23 Feb 2005 04:35

Release Notes: This release features fiberlamp, boing, boxfit, and carousel hacks. starwars now uses texture-mapped fonts. There are new bsod modes: tru64, hppa, and nvidia. There were also updates to glslideshow, webcollage, juggle, pinion, fireworkx, sonar, extrusion, substrate, and pong.

  •  16 Dec 2004 05:55

Release Notes: New hacks include substrate, intermomentary, fireworkx, and pinion. Updates were made to the flow, analogtv, piecewise, sonar, molecule, glmatrix, galaxy, and webcollage hacks. Various other minor fixes were made.

  •  12 May 2004 18:40

Release Notes: This release adds the new hacks polyhedra, fuzzyflakes, antinspect, and providence. It updates webcollage, bsod, endgame, antspotlight, xmatrix, glmatrix, starwars, phosphor, noof, and sonar. It adds support for the RANDR (Resize and Rotate) server extension, a "GetViewPortIsFullOfLies" preference to work around longstanding XFree86 bug #421, and various other minor fixes.

  •  26 Feb 2004 19:46

Release Notes: This version adds wormhole, mismunch, noof, and pacman. Phosphor and apple2 now include vt100 emulators. There were minor updates to blinkbox, queens, endgame, glmatrix, mirrorblob, blocktube, analogtv, atlantis, and molecule. There is better /tmp handling in various programs, and there were various portability fixes.

  •  25 Oct 2003 01:10

Release Notes: This version included new fontglide, apple2, xanalogtv, pong, gleidescope, mirrorblob, and blinkbox hacks. Updates were made to glsnake, bsod, and endgame. Screen grabbing now works on Mac OS X. Various minor fixes were made.


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