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  •  28 Dec 2008 15:51

Release Notes: A new hack: photopile. Updates to sonar, jigsaw, maze, m6502, hypnowheel, timetunnel, munch, and webcollage. EXIF rotation support. RANDR fixes. Some old, boring screen savers have been retired.

  •  11 Aug 2008 10:39

Release Notes: More Xinerama/RANDR fixes were made. Updates were made to skytentacles, flipflop, stairs, polyhedra, blitspin, and stonerview. The layout of the preferences dialogs was improved. A "Reset to Defaults" button was added on X11. Relevant Wikipedia links were added to many of the screen saver descriptions.

  •  17 Jul 2008 00:15

Release Notes: Xinerama/RANDR fixes: it should now work to add/remove monitors or resize screens at any time. A new 'skytentacles' hack. Updates to 'gleidescope' and 'bsod'. Most image-loading hacks now re-pick images after a few minutes.

  •  01 Mar 2008 23:57

Release Notes: New hacks include "cubicgrid", "hypnowheel", and "lcdscrub". Updates were made to "m6502", "gears", "cubestorm", and "noof". An attempt was made to work around the latest Xinerama bugs. A Mac OS 10.5 perl bug that caused the text-displaying hacks to fail on some systems was worked around. Font-related System Preferences crashes in Mac OS savers were hopefully fixed. The recent PAM changes broke the "Caps Lock" warning in the password dialog, the failed login warnings, and syslogging, so all of that was fixed.

  •  13 Nov 2007 01:17

Release Notes: A possible crash in the unlock dialog caused by recent PAM changes was fixed. New 'moebiusgears', 'abstractile', and 'lockward' hacks were added. 'gears' was rewritten to use better (involute) gear models and to be more random. Minor updates were made to 'cwaves', 'voronoi', 'deco', 'glcells', 'rd-bomb', 'fireworkx', and 'webcollage'. 'pong' can now display the current time as the score. 'xmatrix -mode pipe' works better. Minor tweaks were made for compilation on Mac OS 10.5.0.

  •  17 Jul 2007 03:33

Release Notes: New cwaves, glcells, m6502, and voronoi hacks were added. Updates were made to bsod and webcollage. A possible crash with PAM USB dongle authentication was fixed.

  •  21 Apr 2007 03:10

Release Notes: PAM fingerprint readers are now supported. Webcollage has been ported to Mac OS X. Multi-threaded OpenGL is now enabled on Mac OS X. Updates were made to mirrorblob, lisa, bsod, ifs, hypertorus, polytopes, circuit, endgame, crackberg, flipflop, flipscreen3d, fliptext, and carousel. Various other minor fixes were made.

  •  18 Sep 2006 23:25

Release Notes: Recent locale-related changes were backed out. Updates were made to xflame, xflag, speedmine, boxed, sproingies, flipflop, and topblock. Various other minor fixes were made.

  •  23 May 2006 23:47

Release Notes: XScreenSaver now works natively on MacOS X (X11 is not required). New hacks include topblock and glschool. Improvements were made to image loading and to jigsaw, glslideshow, carousel, sonar, xmatrix, endgame, webcollage. Various API and command-line argument changes were made.

  •  08 Feb 2006 22:34

Release Notes: New versions of "cube21", "glsnake", and "celtic" were added. DPMS-related flickering with some X servers was fixed. A startup crash in getgroups() when running setuid was fixed. A bad free() in the "Documentation" button was fixed. The program no longer tries to run hacks that aren't installed. Minor fixes were made to various XML config files and man pages.


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