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Release Notes: A simple XML editor has been added. The user interface has been improved. Performance of xsbrowser (loading and dynamic optimization of hot spots) has been improved. More comprehensive documentation of xsbrowser is available. DTD comments are mapped onto the XML Schema documentation. The documentation of XML markup/values is sorted in ascending order. Examples have been added (DTD/XML schema).

Release Notes: The DTD to XML Schema translation has been optimized (dtd2xs v1.52). Examples have been added (XML Schema DTD/schema). In particular, the XML Schema example makes it very easy for people who are new to XML Schema.

Release Notes: Improved error management, extensions to internal structures so that the creation of valid XML documents will be possible in a later version, and a few bugfixes.

Release Notes: Internal structures have been modified so that one can create valid XML document instances in a later version. The rendition has been improved.

Release Notes: This release includes a redesign of the user interface, and a new documentation frame.


Project Spotlight


A GNU/Linux multimedia distribution that is targeted at audio, video, and graphics producers.


Project Spotlight


A news reader.