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XRNS-PHP is a collection of PHP5 command-line scripts for working with Renoise, a program for composing music using samples and sequencing. XRNS-PHP provides tools to convert, merge, compress, and otherwise manipulate the data files that are produced by and used with Renoise.


RSS Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2012 17:18

    Release Notes: Scripts are now compatible with Renoise 2.8.

    •  05 Nov 2010 11:32

      Release Notes: The schemas were updated for Renoise 2.6. The included PHP version was updated to 5.2.14.

      •  21 Apr 2010 21:52

        Release Notes: This release fixes the XRNS2MIDI and XRNS_MERGE scripts to work with Renoise 2.5. Unmaintained scripts are now in a separate "_deprecated_" directory. There are minor optimizations and bugfixes.

        •  07 Jul 2009 00:49

          Release Notes: A few new scripts that were sitting in CVS/SVN for too long have been released. There are minor updates to some older scripts. XRNS-SF has been updated to include PHP 5.2.10. CVS versioning support has been removed due to SVN migration.

          •  16 Mar 2008 11:02

          Release Notes: New scripts SampleToSplit, Delete Unused Tracks, and XRNI Microtuner. 310 tuning files (.TUN) have been added as presets for the XRNI microtuner script. PHP CLI has been updated to version to 5.2.5. FLAC has been updated to version 1.2.1. There are minor enhancements and bugfixes.


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