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15 May 2001 15:34 jynxzero

Re: this DOES work
This program is VERY cool. Thanks to xringd / / ssh / mindterm I can now login to my
home machine from anywhere providing I have a
phone and a Java capable browser.

A little experimentation with my mobile phone has
shown that, in the UK at least the ring the caller
hears and the ring the receiver hears correspond
if not exactly then close enough for this to work
a treat.

One minor problem is that xringd doesn't work
after pppd has exited. The solution is fairly
trivial tho - just have a script restart xringd
after pppd finishes and everything works fine.

19 Apr 1999 07:15 pehr

this may not work
An important detail in how phone systems work is
that the rining you hear when you call somebody
is not synchronized with the ringing of their phone.

Two different ringing signals are generated, one
for your benefit, one to ring the actual phones.
Often these are fairly close together but there
are no guarantees.

It may be necessary to characterize the average connection delay
to make this communications mechanism robust.


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