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XPTest for Together provides two patterns and a module to allow the fast development of test cases. The TestCase pattern creates a class which has to be customized to contain test methods for a given class containing business methods. Using the TestPackage pattern, a class collecting all TestCases recursively can be created. The execution module allows one to start a Swing or AWT GUI to test single classes or packages in any granularity. It depends on JUnit by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma, and is designed to significantly speed up the development of Extreme Programming-inspired tests within the Together UML modeling tool and wanna-be-IDE. Since version 5.5, XPTest is also part of the Together distribution.

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  •  05 Mar 2002 12:38

Release Notes: The ability to create a JUnit-based TestPackages classes has been reintroduced. Previously, if 'JUnit compatibility' was turned on, the respective code generation/pattern features had been turned off.

  •  21 Dec 2001 15:26

Release Notes: The code from TogetherLabs has been integrated. The patterns (code generators) and other major parts have been reimplemented, and the documentation has been improved.


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