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XPde aims to recreate the Windows XP desktop environment on Linux in order to allow Windows users to "feel at home" in front of a Linux computer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Aug 2003 12:06

    Release Notes: This veresion fixes problems with global key handling and support for KDE tray apps was added. Also, there is support for borderless windows and some problems with window focus were fixed. Distro abstraction was finished and a new system properties applet has been added which features a device manager which recognizes all the hardware installed. A lot of small changes in the window manager which improve usability and added a printing system, including a print dialog, were added. A Registry Editor is now included in the release, and the copy/paste functions in file explorer are now working.

    •  29 Apr 2003 11:08

      Release Notes: Window dragging and painting problems on slow machines were fixed. Initial Samba support was added to the File Explorer, and the default wallpaper was changed to an original photo of Tim Gulick. Initial PNG with alpha channel support was added to the Start Menu, and the window manager was greatly improved with window resizing, working international window captions, window icons extracted from applications, and system menus. It is now possible to double-click to restore or maximize a window, Alt+F4 to close windows, and Alt+Tab between windows.

      •  17 Mar 2003 12:06

        Release Notes: This release adds a keyboard setup applet and an IPC class for interprocess communication. This is the first version which includes a File Explorer integrated with the desktop. There are installation instructions for RH 8.0 and menus are now drawn with a fade effect. The style of the desktop is a polished Crystal one, all the apps share a common About Dialog, the Control Panel is browsed using the File Explorer, and support has been added for trayicons on the taskbar. A basic calculator has been added and support for PNGs with alpha channels is on the way.

        •  17 Feb 2003 12:09

          Release Notes: A DateTime applet was added and can be launched by double clicking the taskbar clock. A Turn Off dialog was added, and a minimize function was added to the window manager. A right-click button bug was fixed, along with a bug that caused windows to close randomly was fixed. An xpsu applet, a Notepad application, a basic Control Panel, and a Mouse Properties applet were added. Changes were made to allow installation outside of home directories. The window manager was sped up, and some fixes were made to the task manager and network status applet.

          •  14 Nov 2002 21:44

            Release Notes: You can find a task manager by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting the appropiate menu. A network status applet is available by double-clicking on the tray icon next to the clock. A new registry object has been added with more features. The Metacity dependency has been removed, and the project uses its own window manager. The entire project has been restructured to allow collaborative development.


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