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28 Oct 2002 17:12 bullestock

XPaint has a new home
I have now created a SourceForge project for XPaint and moved all the old releases there.

Find it at

(...and if you'd like to contribute, mail me...)

25 Sep 2002 02:41 demailly

Minor app-default correction possibly required
Since posting of version 2.6.4, a few users have complained about the behaviour of Button3 action on toolbox icons for some X server implementations. This should fix the problem :
(update for & & analogues):

xpaint*Toggle.SimpleMenu.translations: #override \
<MappingNotify>: highlight()\n\
<LeaveWindow>: unhighlight() MenuPopdown()\n\
<BtnMotion>: highlight()\n\
<Btn1Down>: highlight() notify()\n\
<Btn1Up>: highlight() notify() MenuPopdown()\n\
<Btn3Down>: highlight() notify()\n\
<Btn3Up>: highlight() notify()

04 Oct 2000 11:45 fredlwm

XPaint was born first
Why not use XPaint? It's small. And don't forget that it was first released some years before The GIMP.

03 Oct 2000 10:54 walles

How is this different from the GIMP?
How is this different from the GIMP, and why would anyone prefer one to the other?

Cheers //Johan


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