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  •  30 Jan 2004 11:10

Release Notes: This release has a new open plug-in architecture, including several plugins: Tcl Script Editor, Tk Inspector, SQL Browser, and File Browser (which can also mount virtual Tcl filesystems). This version also contains many improvements in the GUI: better code completion, pure Tcl support, and better display of version control information. Many bugs reported by the users have been fixed.

  •  15 Apr 2002 14:45

Release Notes: This release supports MS Windows platform now, and can manage old Tcl code (Tcl procs). Many improvements to the GUI and user interaction were made. Additional tools for browsing the version control system make it possible to see version trees and version differences of components, objects, and methods.

  •  04 Sep 2001 10:05

Release Notes: Three new browsers were added in this release. The Changes Browser shows the differences between versions of components. The Tacker Browser allows you to track methods calls of a chosen class, and to log the actions on instances of a specific class. The Component Viewer allows you to view the components from the version control system without having to load them.


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