Version 0.30 of XOTclIDE

Release Notes: This release supports MS Windows platform now, and can manage old Tcl code (Tcl procs). Many improvements to the GUI and user interaction were made. Additional tools for browsing the version control system make it possible to see version trees and version differences of components, objects, and methods.

Other releases

  •  17 May 2008 11:39

Release Notes: The program was updated for XOTcl 1.6.0 and Tcl 8.5. Multiple code views are synchronized now. Usability was improved. Many small bugs were fixed.

  •  13 Jul 2004 09:45

Release Notes: This version offers a new plug-in: an I18N (Internationalization) helper that can scan a program for msgcat-library expresions and produce msg-catalogs. XOTclIDE can use Oracle (via the oratcl interface) as a version control database. This release also contains some small bugfixes.

  •  02 Apr 2004 10:32

Release Notes: This release include new plug-in: visual regexp. A new wizard helps convert Tcl procedures to object-oriented methods. The version control database can be also driven with an MS Access file (via ODBC). A new Variable-Access-Tracker helps observe read and write access to global variables and object variables. The values of variables can be displayed in the user-friendly GUI.

  •  30 Jan 2004 11:10

Release Notes: This release has a new open plug-in architecture, including several plugins: Tcl Script Editor, Tk Inspector, SQL Browser, and File Browser (which can also mount virtual Tcl filesystems). This version also contains many improvements in the GUI: better code completion, pure Tcl support, and better display of version control information. Many bugs reported by the users have been fixed.

  •  02 Sep 2003 13:28

Release Notes: This version contains many improvements in the GUI and usability (drop down menus and context-sensitive menu enabling). Configuration maps can be managed with a version control system. The code editor supports code completion. There are enhancements in the handling of regular Tcl procedures and code importing. Extended debugging (step in, step over, breakpoints, etc.) is possible with the atkdebugger Tcl extension.


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