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22 Jun 2001 11:26 genoni

xosview oldstyle for gcc 3.0
OHH, I was forgetting, url is


22 Jun 2001 10:20 genoni

xosview oldstyle patched for g++ 3.0
I just patched xosview-oldstyle to complie cleanly
and to work witg g++ 3.0.
It is just a little patch, limited to network and serial metters.
If you want, you can use it. I do not understand if official
xosview is being under active development right now (no
reply to my mail :( ). Anyway I will patch xosview-oldstyle to make it work with new kernels and compilers, for what i can :).

07 Sep 2000 11:45 genoni

Old Style xosview version 1.7.1 running on linux 2.4.0
I recently patched xosview 1.7.1 to work on linux 2.4.0
with a face similar to the old xosview 1.6.1 with the addon of the
Since i liked more xosview 1.6.1 face, and it was not showing
disk data, i patched an xosview 1.7.1 to be old style.
you can download it from:
It works perfectly on Linux 2.4.X kernel (except for memstat
kernel module)
(it is easy to make this patch back also with sunos version :) )


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