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XorCurses is a game based entirely on Xor by Astral Software. The original game was released around 1987 for the 8-bit home computers popular at the time. XorCurses attempts to faithfully recreate that game for Linux, but slightly ironically, uses ASCII characters instead of pixel based graphics (which even the 8-bit computers could manage). The idea of Xor is to roam around a series of mazes collecting masks. The first level is simply a matter of finding your way around, but the second level introduces fish and chickens which block your path or kill you if they hit you. From there on in, things get progressively tougher and really is a challenging and difficult puzzle game.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Dec 2011 13:26

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug/regression where fish and/or chickens failed to move after a player entered a teleport, i.e. level 14.

    •  21 Dec 2011 09:58

      Release Notes: This release fixes two bugs caused by a minor difference in the way the player positions are stored. These bugs manifested in the teleport, and the game window display. Additionally, serious bugs with the game view after terminal resizing have been fixed.

      •  18 Dec 2011 23:58

        Release Notes: 0.2.0 is a leap forward for XorCurses. An important bug which caused game play to switch to a dead player has been fixed. The map display can, at long last, be relied upon. This release also adds new level entry animation, new "level complete reward" animation, and new overhauled file formats which provide increased data validation and create difficulty for the casual cheat.

        •  29 Nov 2011 21:11

          Release Notes: This release fixes issues with the replay menu and player/level state, adds visual feedback for scroll threshold changes, and provides minor debugging and maintenance features and for developers.

          •  02 Nov 2009 14:50

            Release Notes: Nasty bugs were fixed in teleport code. An improvement was brought to xor_move struct from XorGramana. Minor UI changes were made.


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