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XNview + Nview/Nconvert is a set of utilities for viewing and converting graphics files. These utilities can read 76 graphic formats and can write 29 (Jpeg, Targa, TDI, Softimage bitmap, RGB Sgi, Tiff, Gif, ...) They can resize, adjust luminosity and brightness, modify the number of colors, apply filters/effects, create a slideshow, browse pictures, create thumbnails, and do batch conversions.


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  •  29 Jun 2004 09:10

Release Notes: Adobe plug-ins can now be used. The Video player has been fully rewritten and redesigned. Support for additional graphic formats has been added. Image information can be used in batch renaming, slide shows, and full screen mode.

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29 Nov 2003 00:31 winsurfn Thumbs up

very good large tiff viewer
the above links dont work try this

its very fast loading very large maps/ navigation charts

the only odd thing is that there doesnt appear to be any
mouse control for scrolling images larger than the window.

but its well worth the download, nothing else comes close.


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