RSS All releases of Xnee's not an event emulator

  •  28 May 2010 21:54

    Release Notes: Build changes: configure bails out when building any GUI and no pkg-config is installed. Test changes: make check does not need an X server to connect to, while make xcheck does. The bugs "crash in xnee_key2string when verbose" and "cnee causing segfault" have been fixed. New option: --no-reparent-recording.

    •  25 Dec 2009 06:16

      Release Notes: Various bugs that were reported were fixed.

      •  15 Dec 2009 14:14

        Release Notes: The bad context / RECORD bug was fixed to some extent. A workaround was made for the RECORD problem in Xorg 1.6.0. Segfaults on Solaris 10 were fixed. Various bugs reported on were fixed. The Top node of the documentation was moved outside of the ifinfo statment. The "configure" build script now looks for libgnomeui. The build process now checks for ps2pdf14 as well as ps2pdf.

        •  01 Nov 2007 22:53

        Release Notes: A fix was made for releases, since recording of deliv events seem to need a workaround. The version printout was changed according to new GNU coding standards. Various build changes were made.

        •  09 Jul 2007 11:50

        Release Notes: doc/ was missing and has been added. gnee->About->Close and pnee->About->Close were faulty and have been fixed.

        •  05 Jul 2007 11:18

          Release Notes: This release has switched to the GPLv3. pnee is ready for use, and there are documentation changes.

          •  02 May 2007 04:32

          Release Notes: Man pages were added for pnee and gnee. The --check-syntax option was added. Bugs were fixed.

          •  26 Nov 2006 16:48

          Release Notes: There is a man page for pnee and gnee. The option --check-syntax has been added.

          •  21 Aug 2006 00:54

            Release Notes: This release prepares for version 2.06.

            •  13 Jun 2006 03:00

            Release Notes: The program now handles windows that are placed differently during replay than recorded and records when the gnee window is iconified. Automake fixes were made for generated files.


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