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18 Jan 2006 01:45 sandklef

Xnee as a Gnome Panel
Using cnee and gnee is not easy for a user not into X.

To make it (much) easier for user to get started and use a very limited Xnee functionality a Gnome panel is being made.

I will make release of this panel and also put up screenshots of it on my peronsal home page (

More information soon.....

18 Jan 2006 01:44 sandklef

Verifying test result task is started
For more information:

21 Dec 2005 05:04 sandklef

GNU Xnee 2.02 released
Minor bugfixes ....

No recalculation of screen resolution is done when distributing device events.

Bug in the distribution option was fixed.

Various minor bugfixes were made.

24 Jan 2005 02:34 sandklef

Lost a Xnee/gnee feedback email

Joda received an email containing feedback on Xnee and gnee

from a user. The email was also sent to me (at a faulty email

address). However, we seem to have lost the email and miss the


If the person who sent the email reads this,

please resend the email :)


26 Aug 2004 12:51 sandklef

Xnee needs help with debian packages (.deb)
Can you or do you know anybody who can build debian packages (.deb) for Xnee, please contact us via the info-xnee mailing list (

Best regards, hesa

19 Jul 2004 04:06 Carleeto

Re: Xnee 1.07 released
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so please forgive me if it isn't. I have downloaded, compiled and installed xnee 1.08 on my system (Debian Sarge) and it always crashes after a few seconds. I tried this with 1.07 too, with the same result. I've also searched a LOT on google groups and on the web, but no help seems to be available, which is why I'm posting here. Here is a terminal extract to better explain my situation...

--(carl)-- xnee -rec --mouse -o xnee.xnr --time 5

( fine and actually records data to xnee.xnr for a few seconds and then quits with the following error...)

Error recevied.... on display=134645968
Error recevied.... on display=134645968

Has anybody seen this before? Could you tell me how to resolve it? Would really appreciate any help/pointers. Thx.


18 Apr 2004 14:49 sandklef

Xnee 1.09 (including gnee "gamma") in CVS

check out the latest source code in the CVS repo. at You'll find, undocumented, new features, such as 'scripting' interface and the new GUI (called gnee).

01 Jul 2003 06:10 sandklef

Gnee (GUI frontend to libxnee) is starting up
Joda and hesa have started to work on the GUI frontend to xnee (or rather libxnee). Any suggestions are welcome. Send them to:

18 May 2003 04:27 sandklef

Xnee 1.07 released
Changes in 1.07
- version numbering changed (x.yz is used instead of x.y.z)
- plugin functionality renamed to resource
- plugin functionality added (plug in dynamic libs)
- synchronization rewritten
- force-replay option added
- replay delay rewritten
- Xnee can be configured (during configure) to
exclude buffer verbose

03 Mar 2003 00:07 sandklef

1.0.5 released
Changes in 1.0.5
- Typos corrected in doc/ & README (after GNU review)
- Fixed parser error (--no_sync ----> --no-sync )
- Manual corrected (after GNU review)
- new options added to ease up usage a bit:
- info, manuals updated


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