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Xnee's not an event emulator

Xnee can record, distribute, and replay X (X11) protocol data. This is useful for automated tests of applications or benchmarking of applications. Think of it as a robot. A GUI, a Gnome Panel Applet, and a CLI are available, as well as bash functions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2010 20:09

    Release Notes: Build changes: configure bails out when building any GUI and no pkg-config is installed. Test changes: make check does not need an X server to connect to, while make xcheck does. The bugs "crash in xnee_key2string when verbose" and "cnee causing segfault" have been fixed. New option: --no-reparent-recording.

    •  24 Dec 2009 11:26

      Release Notes: Various bugs that were reported were fixed.

      •  15 Dec 2009 09:42

        Release Notes: The bad context / RECORD bug was fixed to some extent. A workaround was made for the RECORD problem in Xorg 1.6.0. Segfaults on Solaris 10 were fixed. Various bugs reported on were fixed. The Top node of the documentation was moved outside of the ifinfo statment. The "configure" build script now looks for libgnomeui. The build process now checks for ps2pdf14 as well as ps2pdf.

        •  02 Nov 2007 06:53

          Release Notes: A fix was made for releases, since recording of deliv events seem to need a workaround. The version printout was changed according to new GNU coding standards. Various build changes were made.

          •  09 Jul 2007 18:50

            Release Notes: doc/ was missing and has been added. gnee->About->Close and pnee->About->Close were faulty and have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            18 Jan 2006 01:45 sandklef

            Xnee as a Gnome Panel
            Using cnee and gnee is not easy for a user not into X.

            To make it (much) easier for user to get started and use a very limited Xnee functionality a Gnome panel is being made.

            I will make release of this panel and also put up screenshots of it on my peronsal home page (

            More information soon.....

            18 Jan 2006 01:44 sandklef

            Verifying test result task is started
            For more information:


            21 Dec 2005 05:04 sandklef

            GNU Xnee 2.02 released
            Minor bugfixes ....

            No recalculation of screen resolution is done when distributing device events.

            Bug in the distribution option was fixed.

            Various minor bugfixes were made.

            24 Jan 2005 02:34 sandklef

            Lost a Xnee/gnee feedback email

            Joda received an email containing feedback on Xnee and gnee

            from a user. The email was also sent to me (at a faulty email

            address). However, we seem to have lost the email and miss the


            If the person who sent the email reads this,

            please resend the email :)


            26 Aug 2004 12:51 sandklef

            Xnee needs help with debian packages (.deb)
            Can you or do you know anybody who can build debian packages (.deb) for Xnee, please contact us via the info-xnee mailing list (

            Best regards, hesa


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