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Release Notes: This release adds commands for subsong navigation and allows built-in module quirks to be overriden by the configuration file. It also fixes the CoreAudio driver in big-endian systems, and addresses build issues in Cygwin and MinGW. Libxmp 4.1.0 or later is required to build this release.

Release Notes: This release fixes AMF effects, sample and track loading, XM note cutting quirks, replaying with combined pattern delay and pattern break effects, and OpenBSD sound driver configuration. It adds support for ZX Spectrum Sound Tracker modules.

Release Notes: This release fixes MED tempo setting in BPM mode, fixes fragment setting in the OSS driver, adds interactive control of song loop, adds a NoiseRunner module loader, fixes Impulse Tracker fingerprinting, fixes Archimedes Tracker and Tracker Packer 3 loaders, fixes loading of optimized XM files, and updates the Audacious plugin API to version 16.

Release Notes: This release fixes problems in MED, AMF, Digital Symphony and Archimedes Tracker formats, adds Coconizer module support, fixes building of the Audacious plugin, and addresses portability issues in BeOS and Haiku. An experimental Android port is also available.

  •  07 Dec 2007 13:08

Release Notes: This release has a better Winamp plugin, and the Amiga port was significantly improved. It also adds support for TakeTracker TDZ4 modules, special handling for XM modules created using MED2XM, a port for AROS, and support for Amiga XFD decompression. Bugs have been fixed in many formats, including S3M, IT, and DMF.

  •  09 Oct 2007 07:48

Release Notes: This release adds special handling for IT files created with ModPlug Tracker, supports MED synth instruments, improves Poly Tracker module support, and works in BeOS. Bugfixes include correct IT and IMF replay in Mac OS X and Fuchs Tracker module detection.


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