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17 May 2001 00:01 gdosey

Set the suid bit
I found after version 1.5.1 or so it is necessary for me to set the program's suid bit for it to run properley for anyone other than root. Do a "chmod +s /usr/local/bin/xmovie" to fix this. This is applicable to any linux system. My kernel of refference is 2.4.3 as of xmovie version 1.7

06 Aug 2000 06:12 learfox

Can't compile 1.4

I couldn't get it to compile on Redhat 6.0, seems like an internal problem with
dvd_authinfo not being defined.

mpeg3css.c: In function `mpeg3_get_asf':
mpeg3css.c:572: `dvd_authinfo' undeclared (first use in this function)
mpeg3css.c:572: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
mpeg3css.c:572: for each function it appears in.)
mpeg3css.c:572: parse error before `ai'


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