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XMMS Weasel

XMMS Weasel is a general plugin for XMMS. It automatically slides out XMMS from the screen if the mouse pointer leaves the XMMS window. As soon as the mouse pointer hits the screen edge, XMMS will slide back in.

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  •  25 Mar 2004 21:19

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    11 May 2004 16:35 dprotti

    Couldn't make it work
    I could not make it work. I'm using Gnome 2.2 on RedHat 9, with

    gtk+-1.2.10 and all other related things from the binary packages

    which came with the distribution (including Metacity window

    manager) except XMMS which is version 1.2.8, from XMMS site's packages.

    I compile with no errors or warnings. I have installed on the right

    place. I don't run any other plugin while testing. I don't run

    any other app while testing. I have tested with different delay times.

    The plugin is activated correctly, I guess. The terminal output is:

    Weasel: xw_init()

    Weasel: xw_init_signals() - Attached pointer leave/enter signal for mainwin

    Weasel: xw_init_signals() - Attached pointer leave/enter signal for


    Weasel: xw_init_signals() - Attached pointer leave/entersignal for


    Weasel: xw_init_signals() - All signals attached.

    It does absolutely anything when I leave/enter with the mouse on any

    window (I have probed with the main window only, and with the three

    windows opened). Only if some XMMS window is clicked, then it is hidden,

    and sometimes (randomly), also the gnome-panel.

    If I start the plugin and then inmediately shutdown it, the three

    XMMS windows appears on the left top corner.

    I have send it a bug report to the authors, I hope this help.



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