Comments for xmms-crossfade

14 Jul 2006 13:02 samjam

not crossfade if....
can you have it automaticaly NOT cross fade if the tracks DON'T have a gap between them?

In such cases it is probably a longer work divided into tracks for convenience and cross-fading will spoil it.

17 Aug 2005 10:57 dethmetaljeff

Great plugin, however the fadeout during pause/stop got annoying until I realized that you can turn it off! It's nice to see a fully customizable plugin that actually does what it's supposed to.

19 Jan 2004 14:34 name773

i listen to music where one track mixes into the
next, and man is this plugin great! good job!!

12 Mar 2003 07:31 gvy

pause supported in 0.3.1!
Great plugin. Invisible but really cool for me -- and thanks for taking on a Pause! :-)

17 Jan 2003 19:59 blais

i agree! this plugin has changed my music-listening experience! very stable and nice!

25 Mar 2001 00:11 monmotha

This is prbably the best plugin for XMMS I've ever

seen (at least in the effects/output category).

Not only does it do a VERY good job of what it

says it does, but it has some nice features as a

normal output plugin. I'd reccomend use of this

in replacement of the OSS output plugin even if

you don't want the crossfading!


06 Jul 2000 08:37 peisenlohr

GUI crashing
Updating to GLIB/GTK+ >= 1.2.7 seems to fix this problem.

28 Jun 2000 12:22 peisenlohr

crashes: help needed
I have heard about this from some few people, but unfortunatelly I have not been able to reproduce this bug on any of several machines. Could someone please gdb this? Thanx.

28 Jun 2000 11:50 phlinex

Hey, what's happening there? When I press on any button within the plug-in's configure or about button, the XMMS window dies... I'm using XMMS 1.2...


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