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LinuX MultiMedia Project

LinuX MultiMedia Project provides a generic, powerful API for all kinds of multimedia. It can be used by any application for graph and sound output (e.g., games), but the API is designed especially for audio/video playback and editing. It has a modular structure, so formats, codecs, and output devices can be added very easily. To make it modular, the project is based on plugins. It supports lots of formats, including AIFF, ASF, AU, AVI, CDDA, Tracker Formats, MPEG (audio) layer 1/2/3, JPEG pictures/lists, VOC, Ogg/Vorbis, and WAV.


Recent releases

  •  15 Apr 2002 12:26

    Release Notes: A/V sync was improved but it is still far from perfect. Input plugins for AIFF, ASF, and AU were added. The AVI, MPEG Audio, Picture/PicList, and VOC input plugins were improved. The graph output now features X11 Screensaver/DPMI support and improved fullscreen support. An audio output plugin for the AU format was added. Audio codec support was added for CCITT G.711/G.721/G.723/G.726, IEEE floating point, MAD (optional for MPEG audio), and W32 DirectShow codecs. Video codec support was added for uncompressed raw RGB data and for W32 DirectShow codecs. Many internal changes were made.

    •  23 Oct 2001 04:47

      Release Notes: Much of the code was rewritten. Support is now included for: WAVE, Ogg/Voribs, MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3, CD Digital Audio, MikMod (tracker modules formats), and AVI input; X11, SDL, and Svgalib graph output (X11 and SDL support hardware accelaration for NVidia cards), OSS, ALSA, WAVE, Ogg/Vorbis, and MPEG Audio Layer 3 output; AC3, MP3, PCM, GSM 6.10, and Win32 ACM audio codecs; DivX 4.0, OpenDivX, RGB, and Win32 VFW video codecs.

      •  24 Feb 2001 15:34

        Release Notes: All the plugins from the 0.5.x releases are back and stretching now works in all graph modes. LinuX Media Player is not included in this package. This release is mainly for developers. However, for users not needing the LinuX Media Player, it might be a good idea to upgrade.

        •  06 Jan 2001 23:55

          Release Notes: New CD digital audio plugin, AC3 audio codec, RGB video codec, SVGAlib output plugin, MP3 output plugin, OggVorbis output plugin, and I/O Layer File and HTTP. The MP3 codec works perfectly, too.

          •  21 Nov 2000 20:56

            Release Notes: A patch which fixes compile problems with new kernels.


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