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XML::XPath locates nodes in XML documents using the XPath syntax. It aims to fully comply with the specification while trying to be as quick as possible. It is also extensible for XSLT and XPointer. It is entirely Perl-based to minimize dependencies and ease installation, and does not use XML::DOM, although it can build DOM trees using a SAX event driver.


Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2000 10:57

    Release Notes: This major overhaul since the last Freshmeat announcement includes a full regression test suite, improved Node API, many bug and performance fixes, and some usability improvements. This is the last release before 1.0

    •  28 May 2000 21:00

      Release Notes: Major changes to node implementation, a major internal overhaul, and lots of bugfixes.

      •  25 Apr 2000 12:41

        Release Notes: More performance work has been done, and more documentation and a couple of helper functions have been added.

        •  19 Apr 2000 22:06

          Release Notes: This release is a major update. The most significant change is a complete re-write of the expression parsing engine (to use a predictive parser). It now provides full compliance with the XPath specification. All XPath functions are now implemented, as are all operators. Many other performance enhancements have been added to this release, resulting in a 2x speedup for some queries.

          •  08 Mar 2000 11:43

            Release Notes: floor, ceil and round numeric functions have been added. A few bugs squashed.


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