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XMLUnit provides assertions and supporting class libraries to test various properties of generated pieces of XML using a popular testing framework. It supports finding the differences between two pieces of XML, validating documents against DTDs or XML Schemas, testing the results of XPath expressions, or asserting properties of Nodes exposed via DOM traversal. Two branches exist: one that supports Java and JUnit and one that supports the .NET Framework and NUnit.

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Recent releases

  •  16 Sep 2013 12:13

    Release Notes: This release creates additional differences when comparing nodes where one node has children and the other one has none. While XMLUnit 1.4 would just report a HAS_CHILD_NODES difference, this release will, in addition, return a CHILD_NODELIST_LENGTH as well as CHILD_NODE_NOT_FOUND differences for each missing node.

    •  07 Feb 2013 20:05

      Release Notes: XMLUnit for Java 1.4's DifferenceEngine now detects the type attribute from the XML Schema Instance namespace (xsi:type) and treats its value like a QName (i.e., it tries to translate the value's prefix (if any) to the associated namespace URI before comparing the values). This release fixes a bug in assertXpathsEqual when applied to paths containing attributes, as well as a tiny bug in FloatingPointTolerantDifferenceListener.

      •  22 Sep 2009 04:00

        Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs and provides a new option for controlling what happens when the documents that are compared contain two XML elements that cannot be matched against each other.

        •  30 Apr 2009 12:47

          Release Notes: A few bugs were fixed. The order of attributes is ignored. xmlns attributes are no longer treated as normal attributes and the namespace of attributes is now sigificant. Comparisons of empty elements with attributes failed. The binary in this release has been compiled against NUnit 2.4.8. This is expected to be the last XMLUnit release compatible with .NET 1.1.

          •  11 Jun 2008 12:25

            Release Notes: The major new feature of XMLUnit for Java 1.2 is an alternative XML validation subsystem built on top of JAXP 1.3 which supports validation against alternative XML Schema languages (if your JAXP implementation supports them) and validation of the Schema definition itself. In addition, all known issues of XMLUnit 1.1 have been fixed.


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