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  •  09 Jul 2008 17:29

Release Notes: You may now choose the type of logging that you want XMLToaster to use: either standard Java logging or Log4J.

  •  08 Jul 2008 15:11

Release Notes: The runtime is now Java 5 and you may now specify a namespace for an XML message that does not have an associated XSD.

  •  08 Jul 2008 15:11

Release Notes: Support for MySQL 5.1 was increased. Error handling was improved. Compatibility with AjaxToaster was improved.

  •  10 Mar 2008 09:39

Release Notes: This release significantly simplifies XML-to-database scripts. These can now use an SQL-like syntax rather than an XML mapping file (the old XML format is still supported). This release is compatible with the MySQL 5.1.x JDBC driver. There are other small bugfixes.

  •  05 Mar 2008 07:38

Release Notes: This release adds support for DB2, supports new variations of left outer/inner joins syntax, and fixes a couple of XML to table persistence bugs.

  •  22 Jan 2008 06:39

Release Notes: A new feature was added to the ExpandString class that allows you to specify default values for parameters that the user does not supply. A couple of minor bugs in the parser were fixed.

  •  21 Nov 2007 08:36

Release Notes: Two new options were added to the xmltoaster command line tool. You can now output directly to a file using the "-out" parameter and switch off all output to the console except the generated XML using the "-silent" parameter.

  •  25 Oct 2007 05:12

Release Notes: An element or attribute can now be marked as volatile. When XML is saved into the database, a copy of it is returned containing data modified by database triggers or defaults. Support for MySQL column name escaping was added. More logging has been added. Several minor bugs were fixed.

  •  19 Oct 2007 05:57

Release Notes: This release fixes the following issues: it now allows you to map an attribute to a UID column, it won't throw an exception if the abort or transaction attributes are not specified on the onError or onWarning elements, it won't try to insert a row into the target table if no data was selected by any of the mapping XPath expressions, and it will now work correctly when an element has attributes but no child elements.

  •  12 Oct 2007 00:56

Release Notes: The "setRootDirectory" method in the "SQLtoXML" class now works correctly. Repeated calls to the "setScript" method now do not cause duplicate data to be generated in the output XML. It is now possible to have "$" characters in your database column names. You may also wrap column names with eiterh double-quotes or square brackets (for SQL server).


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