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  •  17 Jan 2011 04:21

Release Notes: Special XML characters in arguments are escaped (in particular, double quotes can now be included in xpath expressions). Non-zero exit code when an input file is not found. XML ed with --pf/--ps options no longer reformats output. Exit with an error instead of segfaulting when trying to delete namespace nodes. A --disable-static-libs ./configure option has been added to use shared libxml2 and libxslt. Use TESTS and XFAIL_TESTS for testing, giving more readable output.

  •  27 Nov 2010 03:52

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs. When validating long documents, error messages will now give correct line numbers past 65536 (Bug 1219072). Validation will not use an embedded DTD if not asked (Bug 1167215). The parameters to the --value option for update and the --output option for select are now escaped (Bugs 3052978 and 1912978). C14n on documents with a DTD now respects default attributes (Bug 1505579).


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