Version 1.2.0 of XMLStarlet

Release Notes: This release implements --update --expr for the ed command. The ed and sel commands use top-level namespace definitions from first input file, which should remove the need to define namespaces on the command line with -N in most cases. Select exits with 0 only if the result is non-empty. The -Q option has been added to select, like grep's -q. This release adds column number and restores input context (lost in version 1.0.3) to error messages. It adds the --net option to c14n, ed, fo, and val. It removes --catalog from the tr --help message since it isn't actually supported. It adds --elif and --else to the sel --help message.

Other releases

  •  13 Jul 2013 08:09

    Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when trying to run pyx on nonexistent files and a boundary condition in the unescape command. The ed and sel commands can now refer to a document's top level default namespace with "_" or "DEFAULT" and give a friendly message if the user doesn't realize they need to specify namespaces.

    •  31 Dec 2012 21:51

    Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in the pyx subcommand that occurred when it handled nodes with multiple attributes.

    •  09 Dec 2012 00:28

    Release Notes: A crash with invalid editing operations has been fixed. The documentation can now be built from the tarball and installs to the correct place. The test suite has been made more forgiving of serialization differences between libxml2 versions.

    •  26 Aug 2012 22:44

    Release Notes: This release adds Makefile rules for generating documentation (./configure --enable-build-docs) consistent with --transform-program-name. The ed subcommand now handles relative XPaths correctly, and there is no longer a hard limit on the number of edit operations. The last nodeset inserted can be accessed as the XPath variable $prev (or $xstar:prev), and new variables can also be defined with --var. ed -u -x may now insert nodesets instead of converting to string. The pyx subcommand now handles namespaces correctly.

    •  15 Jan 2012 02:08

    Release Notes: Multiple values for --value-of are now correctly output with separating newlines. External entities are substituted. Pyx output now has a space between the attribute name and the value.


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