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XML::Parser is a Perl extension module providing an interface to James Clark's fast and robust XML parsing library, expat. Other Perl XML modules (many based on XML::Parser) may be found at the same CPAN download site where XML::Parser is located. The expat library is distributed as part of the module.

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Recent releases

  •  19 Sep 2010 09:26

    Release Notes: Several encodings were added. Documentation was improved. Better error checking is done in case expat is missing.

    •  10 Feb 2009 00:51

      Release Notes: Bugixes for Carp::Heavy.

      •  29 Mar 2000 06:04

        Release Notes: A patch to expat to handle declarations, element declation handlers now receive an object containg parsed representation of model, doctype handler called prior to processing DTD, new DoctypeFin and ExternEntFin handlers, basename now set by parsefile method and default external entity handlers, generated strings marked as UTF-8 in Perl 5.6, and many bugfixes.

        •  26 Sep 1999 21:11

          Release Notes: Several bug fixes, added the skip_until method to XML::Parser::Expat (suspends handlers until the given element index is reached), XML::Parser::ExpatNB now can perform the original_string and position_in_context methods, there's a new utility in the samples directory which transforms an XML document into Canonical XML, there's a fix for the "Modification of a read-only value" bug that users of perl 5.004 were encountering, incompatibility change to the xml_escape method of Expat (it no longer transforms the '>' character by default), fixed a bug where the doctype handler wasn't being called when the ParseParamEnt option was set and it's now using Version 19990728 of expat, with local patches.

          •  27 Jul 1999 02:39

            Release Notes: Bug fixes for declaration callbacks.


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