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XMLFoundation provides a foundation for XML support in an application. However, it is more than just another XML parser. It applies a unique approach to handling XML that allows your application code to focus on the application rather than traversing DOM or subscribing to SAX events. The most unique feature of the XMLFoundation is the object oriented encapsulation that provides XML support in the application layer. XMLFoundation allows you to easily integrate XML with your GUI or with your server objects, and it natively supports COM, DCOM, and CORBA objects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Apr 2014 12:20

    Release Notes: This release has run the Microsoft Code Analysis in MSDev2012, reviewed all output, silenced some warnings, and added a few if(!Null) checks. It adds two new utility classes, GString0, and GString32, and modifies XMLObject and GString for them (see note under [m_pzkTheWord] in [IndexObjects.cpp] about why the new GStrings were created). The MSVC2012 project for CustomHTTPService has been fixed to properly exclude the files from the build.

    •  13 Feb 2014 03:56

      Release Notes: After this major update, XMLFoundation is now the fastest XML Parser that exists as of 2014.

      •  26 Dec 2013 15:51

        Release Notes: This release adds an indexing algorithm performance comparison example in ExIndexObjects.


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